De Tocqueville’s Observations on Philanthropy Inspire United Way

United Way pic

United Way

Based out of Niwot, Colorado, Atlantic Publishers Group (APG) offers magazine subscription services for a diverse group of publications ranging from People and Time Magazine to Better Homes & Gardens and Reader’s Digest. Atlantic Publishers Group of Colorado also contributes to community-enhancing organizations such as United Way.

Dedicated to promoting the common good and improving communities, United Way has touched lives around the world through a variety of programs. United Way also runs the Tocqueville Society, which has raised more than $556 million since its creation in 1984.

United Way’s Tocqueville Society takes its name from Alexis Charles-Henri de Tocqueville, a Frenchman who visited Canada and the United States in 1831. Only 26 years old at the time, de Tocqueville recorded in detail his observations of North American politics and society, now well-known under the title Democracy in America. He particularly noted Americans’ sacrifices made for the common good.

Following in that spirit of philanthropy noted by de Tocqueville, United Way’s Tocqueville Society continues to work toward creating opportunities for all to improve their lives. Some of the writer’s descendants also remain active members of the society.


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