A Look at a Few of National Geographic’s Most Popular Covers

Atlantic Publishers Group Colorado

Atlantic Publishers Group of Colorado
Image: atlantic-pub.com

Atlantic Publishers Group, located in Niwot, Colorado, is a magazine subscription service that provides readers with a broad array of titles to choose from. The Colorado subscription specialist provides niche magazines, such as Backpacker Magazine and Bride, as well as nationally renowned titles, like National Geographic and Forbes. More Atlantic Publishers Group (APG) information can be found at www.atlantic-pub.com.

Ever since the release of its first issue in 1888, National Geographic magazine has provided readers with insight into some of the world’s least known cultures and diverse natural environments. The magazine is also known for capturing the attention of individual’s with a variety of visually arresting covers. National Geographic featured a plain brown cover on its inaugural issue, while colored photos did not appear on the front of each issue until 1959.

Many National Geographic covers feature animals, though they are generally more exotic than companion animals, like dogs. That said, six dogs have taken over the magazine’s cover, with the March 2008 issue selling more than any other. The issue carried a handsome picture of Betsy, a border collie, to go along with an article entitled Animal Minds. The widely read article analyzed the cognitive abilities of earth’s most intelligent animals including dogs, dolphins, and orangutans.

Humans from all over the globe are an equally big focus of the National Geographic team. Perhaps no human face has had as big an impact as that of the 12 year old Afghan refugee photographed by Steve McCurry, which made its way onto the magazine’s June 1985 cover. The girl’s beautiful yet haunting green eyes perfectly accompanied a harrowing story about the war torn nation. Other popular covers include the great redwoods pictured on the October 2009 issue for The Tallest Trees article and the iconic image of Koko the gorilla operating a camera, used for the October 1978 cover story, Conversations with a Gorilla.


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