Simple and Effective Ways to Support Meals on Wheels

Meals on Wheels pic

Meals on Wheels

Based in Niwot, Colorado, Atlantic Publishers Group is a subscription service that partners with publishers to deliver a wide array of popular magazines to customers, including Town & Country, Entrepreneur, National Geographic, and Newsweek. The team at Atlantic Publishers Group (APG) also supports the work of several nonprofit groups, including Meals on Wheels.

A charitable program, Meals on Wheels is designed to meet the nourishment needs of seniors in communities across the United States. Individuals who are interested in contributing to Meals on Wheels can do so in the following simple ways:

Make a monetary gift. Donations are always appreciated by Meals on Wheels. Donors can make one-time contributions, give on a monthly basis, or make a special donation in honor of a loved one via the Meals on Wheels website.

Volunteer. The program relies on its volunteers to prepare, deliver, and serve food. Volunteers also work Meals on Wheels events and perform safety checks on seniors.

Campaign on social media. Show support and garner interest in Meals on Wheels by posting on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.


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