Inside Foreign Policy’s March-April 2017 Issue

Foreign Policy pic

Foreign Policy

From its headquarters in Niwot, Colorado, Atlantic Publishers Group (APG) offers magazines to a wide variety of subscribers across the country. Besides its popular titles like Forbes, Newsweek, and Harper’s Bazaar, Atlantic Publishers Group also distributes special-interest titles like Foreign Policy.

The March/April 2017 issue of Foreign Policy puts women across the world on center stage. The issue begins by shedding light on a unique group of women with members on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, all of whom support nationalistic movements in their respective countries. The issue then puts a spotlight on African women, highlighting how the Trump administration’s decision to cut funding for initiatives linked to abortion is compromising the health of women across the continent before focusing on the story of one woman in a small Kenyan town who is helping women who have experienced sexual violence.

The March/April 2017 issue also looks at the role of women in developing tomorrow’s technology; the effect of women’s demonstrations in shaping modern-day policies; and how one woman from history, Queen Victoria, exercised her power publicly. Definitely an interesting read for anyone curious to know how women are making their mark in the modern world.


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