United Way Addresses Bullying in American Middle Schools

United Way  pic

United Way
Image: unitedway.org

A Niwot, Colorado, company, Atlantic Publishers Group (APG) brings a number of leading titles, such as Forbes, Newsweek, and Better Homes and Gardens, to households across the nation. Atlantic Publishers Group maintains a strong commitment to philanthropy and supports organizations that make a difference in Colorado and around the world. One organization that APG supports is United Way, which focuses on improving quality of life through better education, access to health, and opportunities for income.

Last year, United Way teamed with the National Football League to develop Character Playbook, a middle school course that provides materials on character building as a means of combatting bullying. More than 60 percent of American educators report seeing bullying in their classrooms, and these behaviors tend to surface during middle school. Over the past year, 56,000 students in nearly 600 schools have completed modules in Character Playbook.

The course uses evidence-based strategies to teach students how to maintain healthy relationships during the stress and transition of middle school. Using a graphic novel style, the course engages students with interactive challenges that force them think about their personal values and evaluate the relationships they have built. The American Business Awards recognized the program with its GOLD Stevie Award for New Product of the Year.


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