Goodwill Job Assistance Resources

Goodwill pic


Atlantic Publishers Group (APG) distributes popular print magazines from a wide range of genres out of its base in Niwot, Colorado. Also concerned with being a good corporate neighbor, Atlantic Publishers Group supports Colorado chapters of Goodwill Industries, which helps people find employment and frequently serves as a donation point for no-longer-needed clothes and other items.

The primary service Goodwill provides is assistance in achieving professional and career goals. Two of the larger groups it serves are military veterans, who often need assistance with transitioning from military to civilian life, and those with criminal backgrounds, who face unique challenges as they reenter the community and get their lives back on track. Common Goodwill assistance includes basic skills development and occupational skills training. Those who want to advance their education with a high school diploma, GED, or college degree can turn to Goodwill for help in making their career dreams come true.

For those who already have the skills necessary to perform in the working world, Goodwill also offers career-building assistance. Job seekers can ask Goodwill for help with interview preparation, resume design, and appropriate job searches. These tools are available at local locations and through the Goodwill online resource center GoodProspects, which can be found at


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