Early Growth of Reader’s Digest as a Popular Phenomenon


Reader’s Digest  pic

Reader’s Digest
Image: britannica.com

A Niwot, Colorado-based company, the Atlantic Publishers Group (APG) distributes a wide range of print magazines to customers via subscription. Atlantic Publishers Group’s popular offerings include Time and the Economist, as well as Reader’s Digest, a perennial favorite.

First introduced at newsstands in 1929, Reader’s Digest quickly achieved global phenomenon status with its condensed fictional works and news articles from a wide range of sources. Founder DeWitt Wallace launched the publication with the then-pioneering idea that contemporary readers suffered from a deluge of information and would value diverse and relevant articles in an accessible format.

Early excerpts included a piece from The Red Cross Magazine, whose editor granted Reader’s Digest permission to reprint, despite the fact that he had little faith the magazine could gain enough subscribers to survive. By the 1940s, this concern had fully been put to rest, as the magazine was second only to the Bible in terms of annual sales and was how millions of people worldwide obtained both news and fictional reading material.


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