About Atlantic Publishers Group of Colorado

Atlantic Publishers Group ColoradoFrom its home base in Niwot, Colorado, Atlantic Publishers Group (APG) distributes a broad range of well-received print magazines. Its titles include the top-rated American Snowmobiler, which offers enthusiasts a range of pieces including destination reviews, backcountry narratives, and industry news. Diverse in its audience and its content, Atlantic Publishers Group releases other titles such as Art in America, Coastal Living, Family Circle, and Men’s Fitness.

APG also handles such perennial favorites as Backpacker Magazine, Better Homes and Gardens, Bride, Yachting, Water Ski, and National Geographic. The subscriber’s title first arrives at his or her door approximately six to 12 weeks from the date of order, after which time subsequent issues arrive at their scheduled intervals.

Team members work to ensure that all mailing list inclusions are correct and welcome, and that any changes occur within a timely period of between two and four weeks.