Meals on Wheels’ Offers ‘America, Let’s Do Lunch’ Program

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Meals on Wheels

Based in Niwot, Colorado, Atlantic Publishers Group distributes a number of widely read magazines, such as Forbes and Newsweek. Atlantic Publishers Group (APG) also gives back to its Colorado community by contributing to numerous organizations, including Meals on Wheels.

Meals on Wheels aims to meet the needs of the growing group of seniors who struggle with hunger. To reach this population, the organization relies on volunteers to deliver nutritious meals. Participants in the America, Let’s Do Lunch program donate their lunch break to distribute meals to homebound seniors and check in on them. Volunteers are assigned a short route where they visit several local seniors in their homes before dropping off the delivery packaging items and returning to work.

Meals on Wheels has a vetting process to ensure the safety of its clients, with some chapters requiring background checks before volunteers can distribute meals without supervision. The organization also allows individuals to volunteer outside of lunch time, whether preparing meals or doing other tasks at local sites.

To learn more about volunteering with Meals on Wheels’ America, Let’s Do Lunch program, visit

Habitat for Humanity Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Women Build Week

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Habitat for Humanity

A magazine subscription company based in Niwot, Colorado, Atlantic Publishers Group (APG) offers readers a range of titles, including National Geographic, Business Week, and Time. APG also carries popular lifestyle magazines such as Good Housekeeping, Men’s Health, and Marie Claire. Alongside its activities distributing magazines, the Colorado-based Atlantic Publishers Group works to give back through its support of several non-profit organizations, including Habitat for Humanity.

For the last 10 years, Habitat for Humanity has worked to empower women and improve communities through its National Women Build Week. Launched in 2008 as part of its Women Build program, National Women Build Week is implemented through a partnership with Lowe’s, which has committed over $15 million to support the program.

In 2017, Habitat and Lowe’s celebrated the 10th anniversary of Women Build Week by bringing together more than 17,000 women volunteers during the week of May 6-14. Through their efforts and those of Lowe’s Heroes volunteers, 600 families in nearly all 50 states now have new or improved Habitat homes. Since Habitat and Lowe’s launched National Women Build Week, more than 3,800 Habitat families have benefitted from the event.

United Way Addresses Bullying in American Middle Schools

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United Way

A Niwot, Colorado, company, Atlantic Publishers Group (APG) brings a number of leading titles, such as Forbes, Newsweek, and Better Homes and Gardens, to households across the nation. Atlantic Publishers Group maintains a strong commitment to philanthropy and supports organizations that make a difference in Colorado and around the world. One organization that APG supports is United Way, which focuses on improving quality of life through better education, access to health, and opportunities for income.

Last year, United Way teamed with the National Football League to develop Character Playbook, a middle school course that provides materials on character building as a means of combatting bullying. More than 60 percent of American educators report seeing bullying in their classrooms, and these behaviors tend to surface during middle school. Over the past year, 56,000 students in nearly 600 schools have completed modules in Character Playbook.

The course uses evidence-based strategies to teach students how to maintain healthy relationships during the stress and transition of middle school. Using a graphic novel style, the course engages students with interactive challenges that force them think about their personal values and evaluate the relationships they have built. The American Business Awards recognized the program with its GOLD Stevie Award for New Product of the Year.

Inside Foreign Policy’s March-April 2017 Issue

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Foreign Policy

From its headquarters in Niwot, Colorado, Atlantic Publishers Group (APG) offers magazines to a wide variety of subscribers across the country. Besides its popular titles like Forbes, Newsweek, and Harper’s Bazaar, Atlantic Publishers Group also distributes special-interest titles like Foreign Policy.

The March/April 2017 issue of Foreign Policy puts women across the world on center stage. The issue begins by shedding light on a unique group of women with members on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean, all of whom support nationalistic movements in their respective countries. The issue then puts a spotlight on African women, highlighting how the Trump administration’s decision to cut funding for initiatives linked to abortion is compromising the health of women across the continent before focusing on the story of one woman in a small Kenyan town who is helping women who have experienced sexual violence.

The March/April 2017 issue also looks at the role of women in developing tomorrow’s technology; the effect of women’s demonstrations in shaping modern-day policies; and how one woman from history, Queen Victoria, exercised her power publicly. Definitely an interesting read for anyone curious to know how women are making their mark in the modern world.